WeWriWa Sidebar Book Promotion

We are happy to announce that Weekend Writing Warriors will be offering at no cost, promotional spots on our sidebar for books written by our participating authors.

The spots will be assigned for up to six months. When the sidebars are updated, an author can choose to have the same book in the promo spot.

Each spot will include a linked image of the book cover.

Each book cover image will be linked to one of these sites (author's choice) Amazon. Barnes & Noble, Lulu, or iUniverse. Other sites will be considered if requested-- with the exception of personal blog sites.

To be fair to our participants who regularly post, we are stipulating that you must have had 50% participation over the last six weeks.

The spots will be assigned first come, first served. Email date and time will determine order received.

If you aren't assigned one of the open spots, your name will be added to a running list--once again, in the order email requests are received. At the end of the  promotion,  new books will be posted on the sidebar from the top positions on the waiting list. Requests will continue to be added to the list as received.

Requests for only one book at a time, please. If your book has been posted on the sidebar, you can request again after your six month promo is over.

Weekend Writing Warriors is an incredible group of writers, all willing to share what they know, and support other writers. This is our way of giving back to the participants who make WeWriWa the awesome site that it is. Thank you!

To apply for one of the available spots, email us at
wewriwa at yahoo dot com


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